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I frequently get requests to participate in news stories about pregnancy over 40, fertility over 40, motherhood over 40 and so on. I am more than happy to participate in your story. Here is a list of questions I am frequently asked about my experience with fertility, pregnancy, and motherhood over the age of 40. Feel free to use the information below. If you do use any of the information here, I would like to be notified and in return, would ask that some mention be made of this website (getpregnantover40.com),or my book (You Can Get Pregnant over 40, Naturally). Thanks!

Q. How did you find yourself over the age of 40 trying to conceive?

A. I didn't want kids when I was younger, I grew up in the "baby boomer" era when it was somewhat "uncool" to be a wife and mother. I was somewhat caught up in the feminist movement and my goal was to become a women in business. I also grew up with a bad impression of marriage and family. My parents were quite mismatched and they didn't have the time or energy to put into their kids. As a result, getting married and having kids was very low on my priority list. I finally got married when I was 36 and I realized that having a child could be a very rewarding experience. We started trying to get pregnant about a year after we got married.

Q. Describe the challenges you encountered while trying to conceive

A. We tried to conceive on our own for about a year. After a year, I got a referral to a reproductive endocrinologist. We tried fertility drugs, seven cycles of inseminations, and IVF twice. My first IVF resulted in a twin pregnancy, however one was in my fallopian tube. I had to undergo surgery to remove my fallopian tube and the other pregnancy died in my uterus. My second IVF also resulted in an ectopic pregnancy in my other tube, but I was given a drug to treat the ectopic pregnancy which preserved my one remaining tube. At this point we decided enough was enough and I it was time to stop undergoing fertility treatments.

Q. How did you finally have your daughter?

A. After undergoing the rigors of fertility treatments and experiencing a number of complications, we almost gave up on being parents. However, at this point it seemed that no matter where I went, or who I talked to, I would hear about yet another woman over the age of 40 who conceived naturally. I had the overwhelming feeling like I could get pregnant if I did the right things. I still had one fallopian tube and I decided to embark on my all natural journey to pregnancy. I quit a high stress job, I researched foods which promote fertility, I confronted my less-than-perfect upbringing, I started a program of meditation and visualization and I found myself pregnant naturally just months after completing fertility treatments.

To make a long story short, I got pregnant naturally three times in my 40's even with one fallopian tube. All of these pregnancies ended in miscarriage. However, I felt that each time I got pregnant, I was closer to my goal. I got pregnant again right before my 44th birthday and had a completely normal pregnancy and normal delivery which resulted in the birth of my daughter. The hardest part about my pregnancy was the rigorous monitoring by well-meaning medical professionals. I'm sure they were just doing their job by informing me of the risks associated with carrying a baby at my age, however it added quite a bit of stress throughout my pregnancy.

Q. What are the rewards and challenges of having a child later in life?

A. Since we had our daughter after having worked in the corporate world for so many years, we were financially secure enough for me to be a stay-at-home mom. I teach part-time at a community college close to home, but for the most part, I can dedicate my time to raising my daughter. Having watched so many of my friends raise their kids, I have much more of a long-range perspective than younger mothers. I know not to "sweat the small stuff". I have a more relaxed parenting style and people frequently comment on what a happy child my daughter is. I've done everything I wanted to do in my life, so I don't have any hidden agendas for my daughter. Some younger parents see their kids as a piece of their self worth. That's a heavy load to put on a child. Having a child later in life also provides an incentive to stay in shape and take care of myself.

On the downside, Some of the younger moms I associate with are of a different generation. I never bring up my age, but every now and then, I realize I say something which the younger moms know nothing about because they either weren't born, or were too young to be aware of. Women who are pregnant or trying to conceive over the age of 40 must endure some rude and insensitive remarks about being selfish to want a baby at their age. The fact of the matter is that women who have their first child over 40 are four times more likely to live to be 100. This may be because they are more motivated to take care of themselves, the hormones associated with pregnancy may have a rejuvenating affect on the body, and they have fewer children which is less wear and tear on their body.

Q. Do you know of other women we can talk to about pregnancy or fertility over 40?

A. I have three blogs which have hundreds of daily readers from all over the world. If you would like to post a request for interviews, please email me with what you would like the post to say and I can publish your request the following day. Again, I would appreciate some mention of my website, or book.

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